Quality and Environmental Management System guarantees a sustainable business

Integrated Management System

KAGA FEI EUROPE GmbH (former Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH) has developed and implemented a certified Integrated Management System (IMS). As a result, the IMS provides the basis for our sustainable business practices. And it ensures satisfied customers, satisfied business partners and satisfied employees.

Our IMS meets the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001. The structure of the IMS is described in the Quality handbook. Our organization complies with this handbook. In addition, KAGA FEI EUROPE GmbH focuses on the compliance with all applicable legal requirements. Moreover we also focus on the achievements of internal principles and objectives.

Quality Management

Quality at KAGA FEI EUROPE GmbH from the earliest days has gone beyond product specifications to encompass organization-wide policies and objectives. Our core processes and procedures are clearly defined. From design-in to logistics, through to business planning and back-up capacity options with customer expectations and continuous improvement.

Our formal Quality Management System was established in 1994 with the aim of continuously monitoring, improving and auditing quality. The aim is to maintain the high standards customers expectations. Since 1994 our Quality Management System has been certified according to ISO 9001.

The quality program (part of our IMS) is on-going and continues to strive for higher of customer satisfaction every day.

Our Quality Management Policy

The main targets of our Quality Policy are defined as follows:

  • Products offered shall be available at best quality with competitive market prices while realizing reasonable margins. In this way, a sustainable long-term economic supply and healthy business relationship to customers and suppliers can be assured and maintained.
  • We aim to motivate our employees to always strive for higher quality and customer satisfaction every day. The integration of this attitude into their day-to-day work, thus to personally identify with the aims of the Quality Management System.

Environmental Management

Implementation and Operational Status

Environmental sustainability is a long-term commitment dating back to 1993 when the first environmental program was created.

Our Environmental Philosophy

KAGA FEI EUROPE recognizes that environmental protection is a business issue of vital importance. The principles for ecological action are specified in our environmental policy being part of the Quality handbook.

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Our Environmental Activities

In Europe, we make substantial contributions through specific projects. Accordingly we practice the collection and re-use of packaging material and empty trays. In addition, we are using multi-use containers make outer boxes and filling materials obsolete. As a result it helps to reduce negative environmental impacts.

Throughout the world, we take the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) seriously. In Europe, we have taken an active role in forging links with local communities to implement this program at a local level.

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Global Compliance with Legal Directives

Through our environmental efforts, we are working with our customers and suppliers to deliver environmentally sensitive products. Those products meet the requirements of legislation enacted by the European Union. But also enacted by selected legislation in other countries and the expectations of our customers.

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