Learn more about the technologies that make our manufacturers so successful

We have summarized some of the extraordinary technologies of our suppliers for you.
And there are more to come. Feel free to take a look.

Silicon Line ICs

Silicon Line products are characterized by high-performance, low-power solutions for copper and optical connections.



NAND Flash

NAND Flash memory is a type of Flash Memory. It belongs to non-volatile memory that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed.


3DPower™ elevates electric vehicles to a whole new level of performance. Premo, innovating in magnetics!


MRAM stands for Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory. This is a type of non-volatile random access memory technology, which stores data in magnetic domains.


ISABELLENHÜTTE The precision and power resistors essentially differ in their manufacturing technologies: ISA-PLAN® (film resistors in etching technology) and ISA-WELD® (electron beam-welded composite material made of Cu resistance material -Cu).
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