ISABELLENHÜTTE The precision and power resistors essentially differ in their manufacturing technologies: ISA-PLAN® (film resistors in etching technology) and ISA-WELD® (electron beam-welded composite material made of Cu resistance material -Cu).


With ISA-PLAN® technology, the elements of a precision and power resistor are etched from the films of resistance alloys (MANGANIN®, ZERANIN®), which are electrically isolated and applied to a good heat-conducting metal substrate. The planar structures of the precision and power resistors and an optimized current density distribution allow for low-inductance designs and very low thermal internal resistance. An optimized current density distribution thus prevents the risk of hot spots.


The benefits of ISA-PLAN


High continuous resilience with a small design


Standard delivery of the strictest tolerances

High continuous

High continuous and pulse resistance

High stability

Very good long-term stability

Low values

Extremely low TK values

Low thermal stress

Thermal stress against copper is largely eliminated

How it works

After cleaning, marking and the fitting hole punching, the panels undergo a photolithography process where individual structures of the low-resistance resistors are already defined. The entire assembly in conjunction with the etching technology allows to produce an ideal four-wire SMD resistor in the low-resistance range.

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